Project Title Develop a 1D biogeochemical-evolutionary model for deep sediments
Acronym BIO-SED
Created September 9, 2019
Modified June 19, 2020

Project Description

Microorganisms buried in marine sediments endure prolonged energy-limitation over geological timescales. This C-DEBI project will investigate energy and activity levels among microbial communities in the marine subsurface. We use thermodynamic and microbial-biogeochemical modelling principles to explore and quantify:
– The energy sources to deeply buried microorganisms and their demand for energy.
– The activity of microorganisms and the factors that determine physiological transitions between active and dormant states.
– The varying energy requirements of active and dormant microbes and the allocation of energy between maintenance and growth.
– The cell-specific energy utilization (i.e. power) of subsurface life on a global scale.

Data Project Maintainers

James A. BradleyQueen Mary University of LondonLead Principal Investigator
Douglas E. LaRoweUniversity of Southern California (USC)Co-Principal Investigator