PI: William D. Orsi (University of Maryland, Center for Enivronmental Science)
Advisor: Alyson E. Santoro (University of Maryland, Center for Enivronmental Science)
Amount: $750.00
Award Dates: June 10, 2014 — June 14, 2014


My experience at the 2014 Goldschmidt Conference in Sacramento was very positive. I presented the Keynote lecture in the session 18f: “Life and Death: Molecular Biomarkers to Study Current and Past Ecosystems”, which was well received by many colleagues whom I spoke with after the talk who clearly had strong interest in the work. The presentation that I gave was also highlighted by the Goldschmidt conference in a press release, and was highlighted by several news agencies. Following the publication of the Goldschmidt press release, I was interviewed by a science reporter from Science Now at the LA Times, who published another research highlight on my work in the LA Times. Since being published in the LA Times, this story has been published on numerous other science websites including Geochemical News, ScienceDaily, and Science World Report. By taking part in the session, I was also able to network with several other presenters and organizers of the session and discuss ideas for future collaborative work and proposals. Establishing these connections will hopefully lead to successful proposals that I will write together with new collaborators. I am very grateful for the support from C-DEBI that allowed me to attend the Goldschmidt Conference, and I am excited about new products that will result from future C-DEBI supported research.