PI: Beth N. Orcutt (Aarhus University)
Advisor: Bo Barker Jørgensen (Aarhus University)
Amount: $1,175.00
Award Dates: December 13, 2010 — December 17, 2010


My attendance at this conference promoted oceanic subsurface microbial observatory research in general and also encouraged future collaborations with the terrestrial subsurface research community, as well as promoting the educational goals of C-DEBI. I presented results of the collaborative research in development and use of oceanic subsurface microbial observatories in the AGU Session H52: “Rocks, Fractures, Fluids and Life; Insights from Underground Research Laboratories”. I highlighted the ongoing observatory work being conducted on the Juan de Fuca Ridge flank, a central focus of the C-DEBI program. In addition, I presented information about the “Adopt A Microbe” (AAM) education and outreach project in the AGU Session ED17: “Teacher Professional Development Programs Promoting Authentic Scientific Research in the Classroom”. AAM was a custom internet-based project of IODP Expedition 327 to promote interactive learning about microbial life in the deep biosphere. With encouragement from the Deep Earth Academy, I presented information about how the project was developed and provided user-feedback to help a future generation of expedition educators develop similar programs. I also volunteered at the C-DEBI vendor booth at the AGU conference, to further promote CDEBI to the research and education communities.