PI: Sharon K. Cooper (Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
Co-I: Leslie Peart (Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
Amount: $49,999.00
Award Dates: April 1, 2011 — March 31, 2012


This project supported an education, outreach, and communications (EOC) program during Atlantis/Jason expedition AT18-07 during June/July 2011. This EOC program complemented the scientific experiments begun during IODP Expeditions 301 (Summer 2004) and 327 (Summer 2010), and provided a longitudinal extension of EOC efforts begun during separate IODP expeditions that are of interest to C-DEBI. This project provided cross-cutting and robust education, outreach and communication support to the already-funded hydrogeologic experiments on the eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. Using proven outreach methods, highly qualified and experienced educators, and full science personnel support, the project trained a core of educator/communicators to translate the transformative science emerging from this set of expeditions and build awareness, understanding and excitement around C-DEBI themes for students, educators and the general public. The project worked with 3 classroom teachers, one museum educator and one videographer to produce blogs, curricula and videos about the expedition science. In addition, the education staff conducted 13 live video broadcasts to shoreside audiences during the expedition, reaching about 300 students and educators. EOC specialists received training in interviewing and video production, and a variety of video products were created during the expedition. These included extended interviews and interview clips addressing common questions, overview presentations on expedition goals, videos about deep sea observatories and the C-DEBI STC, and a video from the R/V Atlantis to the Space Shuttle Atlantis during the latter’s last mission. EOC educators also developed curricular materials based on AT18-07 goals and related topics.