PI: Sharon K. Cooper (Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
Co-I: Leslie Peart (Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
Amount: $36,124.00
Award Dates: March 1, 2012 — April 30, 2014


Following up on Part 1 of this project, the goals of the Summer 2013 AT26-03 education activities included:

  • Increasing educational participants’ understanding of the science of the expedition and comfort level in communicating science to the public and;
  • Raising awareness and understanding among shore-based followers about the nature and process of science and marine science careers

The project ran a variety of EOC activities during AT26-03, facilitated by an energetic team of four EOC specialists. The team included an elementary/secondary school science teacher, a pre-service teacher, and a videographer and college instructor. The project also partnered with an extensive telepresence program operated by the Inner Space Center at the University of Rhode Island, which provided live video and audio feeds from the Jason cameras and main lab. Collectively, the EOC program focused on the nature and process of science – how researchers ask questions, test ideas, gather data, problem-solve, circle back to new questions and collaborate with both the local, on-board community of participants and the broader science community at large – all in the service of a transformative research agenda. The partnership with Inner Space Center meant that the project had a high-bandwidth internet connection while at sea. During the expedition, a total of 80 real-time video webcasts were conducted, including 72 telepresence interactions and 8 longer format programs. This allowed the project to reach more than 2000 people through these events. In addition, project personnel completed blogs, video projects and curricula relating to the science of the expedition.