PI: Beth N. Orcutt (Aarhus University)
Advisor: Bo Barker Jørgensen (Aarhus University)
Amount: $1,461.00
Award Dates: September 16, 2011 — November 17, 2011


I have been invited to sail as a Microbiologist on IODP Expedition 336 (X336). The purpose of this expedition is to install CORK observatory systems in the ‘North Pond’ location of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge for coupled hydrogeological, geochemical and microbiological analysis. This expedition is one of the three current focus sites of C-DEBI for deep biosphere research. During this cruise, I will be integrally involved in the assembly and installation of the microbial observatory components for these CORKs – a critical component of these experiments. I was chosen for this position based on my previous history of designing the observatory components and participation in 6 research expeditions to deploy, recover, service and analyses these instruments. I have hands-on experience with microbiology experiments in CORKs based on my participation in the recent IODP Expedition 327 to the Juan de Fuca Ridge flank.