PI: Mary Kadooka (University of Hawaii, NASA Astrobiology Institute)
Co-I: Robert M. Bowers (University of Hawaii, NASA Astrobiology Institute)
Amount: $49,416.00
Award Dates: October 1, 2012 — May 31, 2014


Our C-DEBI science team will share the excitement of their deep biosphere research to promote secondary STEM education by weaving their story into astrobiology, the search for life in the universe as a joint effort with the University of Hawaii NASA Astrobiology team. They are working with secondary science teachers at their ALI’I summer program as well as Hawaii teachers to develop activities aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Since our teachers work with our target groups of students with special needs, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island, and those at-risk, they provide expertise on how best to serve these students. We also are partnering with C-MORE, Center for Microbiology Oceanography: Research and Education, here at University of Hawaii and are using their field-tested kits for the workshops. The technology of underwater robotics promoted by the MATE competition and other instruments as essential tools for studying science will be emphasized. The teachers will pilot test activities and then conduct secondary workshops in Hawaii and other states. Our science team will also visit schools in Hawai’i to give presentations and participate in the secondary workshops. Evaluation methodology and instruments will be developed with our educational consultant to ensure validity and reliability as we assess our outcomes. Assessments will be coordinated with the C-DEBI and C-MORE outreach community. This collaborative effort will bring the excitement of deep biosphere research into various science courses serving different student populations across the nation.