PI: Peter Tuddenham (The College of Exploration)
Co-I: Tina Bishop (College of Exploration), Patricia Harcourt, Lynn Whitley (University of Southern California, Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies)
Amount: $50,000.00
Award Dates: July 15, 2014 — July 14, 2015


To address the educational objectives of C-DEBI, the College of Exploration was
funded to convene a collaborative team to guide the production of online toolkits of educational materials and resources that community college instructors could use to teach about C-DEBI research and the deep biosphere. The project team consisted of 8 to 10 collaborators, including community college instructors, C-DEBI scientists, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, technology experts, and science education specialists. The project drew from the 2013 C-DEBI online workshop “Microbes down below! Exploring life beneath the ocean floor” offered by the College of Exploration, which was specifically designed for community college instructors (see below). The online toolkits kits were designed to be aligned with specific community college course subjects and include materials and information that instructors can use to make connections between the topics in their curriculum and C-DEBI research, practices, or technology. The aim of this project was to reach a nationwide audience of community college instructors, and through them, hundreds to thousands of community college students, by making C-DEBI resources available free on line. These toolkits are presented at http://www.coexploration.org/C-DEBI for use by all.