Message from the Managing Director:

Being a part of C-DEBI has been a huge part of my life. I truly enjoyed getting to know so many of you and supporting the framework for moving deep biosphere research and education programs forward in our Center’s 12 years. As C-DEBI comes to an end officially at the end of September, there are various transitions happening at the same time. As many of you know, I have joined the COBRA-AccelNet team (with overlapping C-DEBI Leadership by Beth Orcutt, Julie Huber, Andy Fisher and Geoff Wheat), so after C-DEBI ends, you can find me on the Bigelow Laboratory staff. In the meantime, I’ll be wrapping up C-DEBI after my upcoming maternity leave starting in mid-August. This won’t be our last communication, but with all these moving parts, there will be a few newsletters on hiatus.

To keep those of you interested in the deep biosphere engaged in the future, we will be migrating all on the C-DEBI newsletter to the COBRA newsletter where we will share similar content related to the crustal biosphere monthly. If you aren’t interested, unsubscribe when you receive the first newsletter in the next month.

Hope to cross paths with you again someday, somewhere!
Rosalynn Sylvan
C-DEBI Managing Director