Message from the Director:

C-DEBI 2020 Annual Meeting participants pose for a group screenshot

It’s been 10 amazing years as an NSF Science and Technology Center (STC), and we continue to phase down in the next 2 years under a no-cost extension. We now come to the time to say thank you and goodbye to members of our staff who have supported the C-DEBI community, programs and activities that have been integral to our success: Matt Janicak (Data Manager and Webmaster); Nerissa Rivera-Laux (Administrative Assistant); and Gwen Noda (Education and Diversity Director) who is transitioning into the Wrigley Institute at USC while the undergraduate GGURE and GEM programs finish this coming spring/summer. Rosalynn Sylvan (Managing Director) will continue to manage the administration of C-DEBI, so please keep her listed as your primary contact.

We also share here an STC-only student and postdoc opportunity “Reach Out Science Communication Challenge” hosted by the NSF and the Boston Museum of Science. Current C-DEBI-affiliated undergraduate, graduate student, and postdoctoral researchers are invited to participate in 2 free virtual science communication workshops in January to sharpen their public communication skills with students and postdocs from all 12 STCs ($50 stipends are earned by attending both workshops and responding to follow-up surveys). Competitive “Reach Out Science Slams” in the spring will be nationally live-streamed with additional prizes. More information including eligibility, rules, and guidance at


Jan Amend
C-DEBI Director