Message from the Director:

Hope you are having a good start to your semester – we especially wish the same to C-DEBIers who have been promoted or are starting new positions: Karen Lloyd (Associate Professor at University of Tennessee Knoxville), Nagissa Mahmoudi (Assistant Professor at McGill University), and Alberto Robador (Research Assistant Professor at University of Southern California).

And a sincere congratulations to C-DEBIers being recognized for their scientific excellence and more this year: Victoria Orphan (Caltech) recipient of the NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award, Beth Orcutt (Bigelow) to receive the Geological Society of America Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division Post-Tenure Award, and Andy Fisher (UCSC) and Adina Paytan (UCSC) to be named American Geophysical Union Fellows.  Please share your personal kudos if you will also be attending the GSA Annual Meeting in Indiana in November and the AGU Fall Meeting in DC in December.

Cheers and good luck to all submitting NSF proposals due today!

Jan Amend
C-DEBI Director